Why Use Trade?

Given the opportunity to get your next purchase either by paying cash, or simply by trading for your company’s products or services – which would you choose?

Trade puts your unused potential to work for you!

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Nick The Dutch Baker - says:

I like the Trade Exchange because I can buy products and services at my wholesale cost.

I like the Trade Exchange because I'll buy products I'd not have bought if I had to pay full retail price.

I like the Trade Exchange because trading my goods for other goods and services seems easier than paying the retail price in dollars.

~ Nick The Dutch Baker

Welcome to The Corporate Trade Network

The Corporate Trade Network is a private, business to business trading network. Membership in the Corporate Trade Network enables businesses to attract and retain new customers, save cash, increase profits and access a unique source of interest-free financing.

The Corporate Trade Network makes buying or selling simple, just like dealing with cash, checks or credit.  You can keep track of all of your sales and purchases using monthly statements, and get access to your current information and trade status through our online trade exchange website.

It's estimated that more than 400,000 businesses in North America actively use organized trade and barter networks to supplement their cash transactions.  More than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies participate in trade relationships. That's because trading is a smart business tool.

Whether you need to grow your business or are looking to create better cash flow, membership in the trade network is an excellent way to accomplish both goals.  You have the freedom to trade with any member business and the opportunities continue to expand with each new member business that joins.  We actively assist you with all aspects of trading, including finding new customers for your goods or services and even helping you to find the goods and services you and your business need.

The Corporate Trade Network can show you the details of the opportunity within about 10 minutes…

To see if your business would qualify for membership 888.821.9018, or if you would like to apply for membership in our Trade Exchange, please fill out the online registration form on our Trade Exchange website at CorporateTradeNetwork.com